Free Silai Machine Yojana Gujarat 2023 Registration Form

Gujarat Silai Machine Yojana ફ્રી સિલાઈ મશીન યોજના Free Silai Machine Yojana | Silai Machine Yojana Gujarat Apply online | Sewing Machine Registration Form PDF

Gujarat Free Silai Machine Yojana Form PDF. The Gujarat government has recently started a scheme where they are providing sewing machines on 100% subsidy to women who live in poor and underprivileged communities in the state of Gujarat.

Under the scheme, economically weak women of the state are provided free sewing machine by the government. Through this scheme, interested women will apply for a sewing machine and get it from the government.

Free Silai Machine – સિલાઈ મશીન યોજના 2023

Free Silai Machine to be launched by the government of Gujarat, which will give employment to unskilled women and they can earn money by sitting at home. It will provide employment for around 50,000 women of the state. The objective of this scheme is to make them financially independent so that they can have a house in their own fund.

Women in rural and urban areas in the state will benefit from the program, which benefits economically weaker women.

આ યોજના હેઠળ ગુજરાત સરકાર દ્વારા રાજ્યની ગરીબ અને શ્રમિક મહિલાઓને (Poor and labor women of the country ) સિલાઈ મશીન વિનામૂલ્યે આપવામાં આવશે.

Gujarat Free Silai Machine yojana

Gujarat Free Silai Machine Yojana Highlights

Scheme Free Silai Machine Yojana Gujarat
Launched ByState Govt
Objectivemaking women self-reliant
Scheme FY2023

Objective Of Free Sewing Machine Yojana Gujarat

The government’s Free Silai Machine Yojana 2023 aims to provide free sewing machines to women from poor and financially weak families in the state

As part of the free sewing machine scheme, the government wishes to provide employment opportunities to labor women so they can earn a good living by sewing from home and take care of their families.

The free sewing machine scheme 2022 will empower labor women and make them self-sufficient, and the Silai Machine Yojana will help rural women improve their economic situation.

Eligibility Criteria For Gujarat Silai Machine Yojana

Gujarat Free Silai Machine Yoajan applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Only the residents of Gujarat state are eligible to apply in the scheme.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 40.
  • Husbands of working women should not earn more than Rs.12000 per year.
  • The Free Silai Machine Scheme is available only to economically weaker women of the state.
  • State widows and disabled women can also benefit from this scheme.

Required Documents for Free Sewing Machine

  • Aadhar Card
  • age proof
  • Residence proof
  • income proof
  • Disability certificate if the applicant is handicapped
  • If the applicant woman is a widow, then her destitute certificate
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

Gujarat free silai machine yojana registration 2023

The woman will have to apply in the scheme and fill out the application form online, how to apply, and the process for this can be found below:

  • First of all go to the official website of the scheme
  • After that go to the link of the Scheme.
  • Now click on Application Form
  • After that fill the information asked in the application form
  • Attach the required documents after filling out the form
  • Finally submit the form to the concerned department.

Silai machine yojana Gujarat application form Download

કોઈપણ મહિલા જે આ યોજનામાં અરજી કરવા માંગે છે અને સરકાર દ્વારા આપવામાં આવેલ મફત સિલાઈ મશીન લેવા માંગે છે, તો તેઓ આ યોજનાનું અરજીપત્રક ભરીને આ યોજનાનો લાભ લઈ શકે છે. જો તમને સત્તાવાર વેબસાઈટ પરથી ફોર્મ ન મળી રહ્યું હોય. , તો પછી અમે અહીં ફોર્મની ડાઉનલોડ લિંક આપી છે, જેનો તમે બધા ઉપયોગ કરી શકો છો અને મફત સિલાઈ મશીન ફોર્મ ડાઉનલોડ કરી શકો છો.

Gujarat Free Silai Machine Form Pdf Download
PM Free Silai Machine Yojana FormClick here

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