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Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pump Set Scheme For AP Farmers 2024

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pump set Scheme 2024 for the farmers of its state, under this scheme, all new connections will now be based on solar energy. The state government of Andhra Pradesh will supply solar pumps with a capacity of 3 HP / 5 HP. This pump set scheme of the government is for converting agricultural connections into solar connections.

This grid-connected solar BLDC pump sets scheme of the state government will help farmers to ensure supply of electricity on a daytime basis and also cost-effective irrigation. In addition, the subsidy burden for new agricultural connections will be reduced by the Andhra Pradesh government.

In the initial phase of the Scheme, the Energy Department had installed 250 pump sets on a pilot basis in Vizianagaram district. Now the Andhra Pradesh government is implementing the scheme in Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and other districts of the state.

Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pumpset Scheme

Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pumpset Scheme helps harness solar energy to meet the power requirements of farmers during the daytime. Distributed solar power generation also enables in reducing power losses in the network. The existing pumps at the farmer-end can be replaced either by an energy-efficient AC ~umpset or through Brushless DC (BLDC) motor pump set together with solar panel system.

Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pumpset Scheme – BLDC motors have lower inertia and better torque control and are 20-25% more efficient than conventional AC motors. Another key advantage of installing a DC pump set is that drawl of power from the grid for operating the pump is not possible, thereby preventing the load from coming onto the grid and requiring the pump to be operated by the solar panels only.

Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pumpset Scheme 2021

Objectives Of Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme 2024

The Government of Andhra Pradesh intends to fulfill its following objectives using this scheme:-

Reducing subsidy burden for agricultural connections: To date, the state government pays subsidies on the purchase of each new agricultural connection. Now, this scheme will convert agricultural connections into solar connections and the subsidy burden from the state government will be reduced.

Daytime power supply: For the use of pumps in irrigation, the government usually provides electricity at night, both winter and summer. In winter, farmers have to work in adverse conditions in cold weather. Therefore, solar pump sets will enable farmers to use electricity for irrigation even during day time.

Cost-effective: Most of the pump sets used in agriculture are electric-based or diesel-based (generator). In India, villages usually suffer from electricity problems while diesel-based generators run on diesel whose prices are increasing. So, this would be a cost-effective method.

Benefits Of Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pumpset Scheme

some other benefits of replacing the existing Pumpset with a solar-powered grid-connected pumpset include:-

  • Installing an efficient pumpset could help reduce power consumption
  • Lead to potential agriculture subsidy reduction for the Government
  • Additional income for farmers on net injection of power
  • Helps contribute towards conservation of ground
  • water The distributed nature of Grid connected Solar pumpsets shall reduce T&D losses for APDISCOMs.

Agricultural New Connections Issuance in AP 2024

Andhra Pradesh Energy Department has followed an easy approach to agricultural connections based on the targets set by APERC in its tariff order for FY 2018-19. Now government permission will be needed to issue new agricultural connections. The demand for new agricultural connections is increasing in Prakasam, Kurnool and Anantapur districts as these areas are facing drought conditions.

About 1.84 lakh applications for agricultural connections are still pending. Of this, there are only 60,000 paid applications and the government will soon approve applications that do not require the manufacture of distribution transformers.

Now all the new connections will be put in the solar category and farmers will be encouraged to use solar pump sets. With solar pumps, farmers can take advantage of daytime power supplies without waiting for APTransco for a new connection.

The Adani Group has placed the lowest bid of Rs 3.35 lakh for the 3 hp pumpset, while Junana Powers has bid the lowest for the 4.29 lakh 5 hp pumpset. APEPDCL is in talks to reduce costs further.

Savings Due to Avoid Pump sets Subsidy

levelized agricultural subsidy per pumpset is INR 50,806 which is equivalent to annual outflow for APEPDCL for the capital cost incurred to install Grid-connected Solar BLDC pumpsets. Accordingly, after loan tenure of 15 years GoAP/ APEPDCL shall have annual savings due to avoided subsidy of -INR 50,000 per 5 HP 1 pumpset for the period of 10 years 3 or Net Present Value (NPV) of savings of INR 60,927 per 5 HP pumps as shown in below table.

Capital Cost of 5 HP Grid Connected Solar BLDC PumpsetRs 4,00,000
Net Present Value (NPV) of the annual subsidyRs 4,60,927
NPV of Savings to APEPDCL due to avoided subsidyRs 60,927

What will Andhra Pradesh Government do with Surplus Energy

Further, due to efficient pumpsets, surplus energy generated from solar panels after consumption by BLDC pump sets can be injected into the grid. This excess energy injected into grid results shall decrease power purchase cost for APEPDCL.

The Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has announced through paper media, for payment of INR 1.50/kWh to the farmers for the excess energy injected into the grid. Farmer is providing lease free land for the installation of Grid-connected solar BLDC pump sets Scheme in his field and is maintaining the asset by washing and cleaning solar panels regularly. Hence, the purchase of excess power from farmers at INR 1.50 per unit of energy injected into the grid is a win-win situation for APEPDCL as well as farmers.

Implementation of Solar BLDC Pump Set Scheme 2024

All superintendent engineers will classify all new connections in the state as solar. This will be done after the existing target of subsidizing 50,000 agricultural connections per year is met. The total number of existing agricultural connections is about 17.20 lakhs, for which the state government has allocated a subsidy amount of 6,030.17 crores this year.

Click on the link below to see the complete information and guidelines of the scheme: Pdf Link

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