Unleashing the Laughter: Explore the Abundance of Hilarious Indian Slangs! 

Most of us are so immersed in lingo or slang terms that you can't imagine speaking without them! agree?!

Aman: movie kaise thi?! Rohan: ek daam faadu thi bhai!

1. Faadu (amazing or outstanding)

The most sarcastic tone that is commonly used among close friends. 

2. Baba ji ka thullu (absolutely nothing)

Ajay: look at her, bhai – Abhi: kya maal hei bhai!! 

3. Maal (sexy woman)

Don't we all have that one friend who loves to show off?

4. Hawabaazi (show of)

Zindagi ekdam Jhand Ho rakhi hai Bhai 😁

5. Jhand (shattered or destroyed)

The informal Slang word that is used regularly while talking. 

6. Ghanta

Gujju: How are you doing, Pari? Pari: Ek dum jhakaas !

7. Ek dum jhakaas (super fine)

If you find yourself in a dire situation, then the phrase "Waat Lag Gayi " would be fitting to use.

8. Waat Lag Gayi

Within a group of friends, there is often someone who is considered the cowardly friend, the individual who is frequently teased for their fearful disposition.

9. G*ndu

Kaya: Or Beedu Kaisa hai! Aadi: ek dam jhakkas

10. Beedu (dost)